Create a Data Hub Service User Account


MarkLogic Server provides a default authentication that uses the internal security database. To use internal authentication, you must first create a Data Hub Service (DHS).

Before you begin

You need:

Peered Track

Public Track

About this task

This task creates an service user account in your Data Hub Service (DHS). You can assign any of the preconfigured service roles to the user at the same time.
Important: For this task, you need the SERV-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. Navigate to your DHS to add a service user account.
    • In the Service column, click the service name.

    Standard Private MarkLogic Data Hub Service

    Tip: You can customize your dashboard with column sorting, column configuring, and services searching and filtering. See Customize DHS Dashboard.
  3. In the Data Hub Service page,

    Standard Private Data Hub Service details

    1. Click Internal.
    2. Click Manage Users.
  4. In the Manage Service page, click Add User.

    Manage Service page with list of user accounts

  5. In the Add Service User page, fill in the account information and select the roles to assign to the new user.
  6. Click Add.


The created DHS user account is displayed in the Data Hub Service page.
Standard Private Data Hub Service details

If you manage users internally with DHS and decide to manage users externally with LDAP, click External.

  • In the Confirmation modal window, click Yes.
Important: If you switch from internal to external security, the users you created internally will be deleted.

What to do next

(Optional) If your DHS network is peered, you can configure SSH Tunneling:

Ingest and Curate Your Data.

(Optional) Update the user account as needed: