MarkLogic Data Hub Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About MarkLogic Data Hub Service

MarkLogic Data Hub Service (DHS) provides the fastest and most cost-effective way for enterprises to integrate, store, harmonize, analyze, and secure mission-critical data in the cloud. MarkLogic Data Hub Service amplifies the power of MarkLogic's industry-leading Data Hub technology by lowering the cost and operations burden of integrating the large swaths of business and user data needed to fuel powerful and smart applications like transactional customer 360 apps, parts lineage tracking, and IoT analysis, developing knowledge graphs, or using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides DevOps teams with all the agility they need, but none of the operational overhead, meaning they can focus on "Dev", not "Ops". This is where the business value lies. Moreover, because the service is built on MarkLogic's multi-model database, organizations don't need to manually stitch together and manage multiple cloud services to address data integration needs. MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides a high level of abstraction to enable a MarkLogic DevOps experience with no need for a DBA to set up or configure the development environment.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service includes these features:

Data Hub Service architecture

MarkLogic Data Hub Service Auto Scaling

Auto scaling in DHS allows dynamic response to varying workload demand throughout the day, without having to size environments to peak demand. Services accumulate credits while stopped or underutilized, saving credits for auto scaling scenarios. Auto scaling in DHS is the most convenient, cost-effective way to implement a data hub, leading to superior end-user experience and better cost control.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service and MarkLogic Data Hub

MarkLogic Data Hub Service is an instance of the MarkLogic Data Hub consolidated repository of data that can be used to ingest, harmonize, and make available the production data currently kept in separate silos in an enterprise. MarkLogic Data Hub itself is a set of tools and libraries that can be used to create an operational data hub to observe and run your enterprise.

DHS enables users to have access to the features of MarkLogic Data Hub without worrying about provisioning, deploying, or configuring a Data Hub instance. The fully managed Data Hub Service eliminates the need for setting up and managing the underlying infrastructure required to run and scale capacity. Data Hub Service is a one-click experience that enables you to start integrating data in the cloud, with advanced enterprise features such as metadata management, smart mastering, and ACID compliance

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