MarkLogic Capacity Unit Usage Charts

Before you begin

You need:

Peered Track

Public Track

About this task

This task accesses MarkLogic Capacity Unit (MCU) usage charts for your Data Hub Service (DHS). Use this chart to view MCU usage for your DHS.
Important: For this task, you need the SERV-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.
Note: Usage charts are only available for Standard services.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. Navigate to your DHS to access MCU usage charts.
    • In the Usage column, click the MCU usage icon () for that DHS.

    Private Standard MarkLogic Data Hub Service

    Tip: You can customize your dashboard with column sorting, column configuring, and services searching and filtering. See Customize DHS Dashboard.
  3. In the MCU Usage for Service page, select the time period and time interval you want to view.
    Note: Default time period is 1 hour. Default time interval is 5 min.

    MCU usage chart

  4. Hover your mouse over the chart to view the following information:
    • MCU Consumption: Amount of MCU credits you are currently using.
    • MCU Subscription rate per Time Period: Rate of MCU credit accumulation for the chosen time period.
    • MCU Credits: Amount of MCU credits you have accumulated.

    MCU usage chart with data

    Note: For more information about billing, see Pricing.
  5. (Optional) To view a smaller area of the chart, navigate to the second chart. Click and drag your mouse over the area you want to view.

    MCU usage chart

  6. (Optional) To restore the chart to the default view, click the refresh icon ().
    • To return to your Dashboard, click back to dashboard.