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This task creates a new portal user account in your Data Hub Service (DHS) portal. You can assign any of the preconfigured portal roles to the user at the same time.
Important: For this task, you need the SEC-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. In the top menu, click the username to open the drop-down menu.
    • In the drop-down menu, click Manage Users.

    Data Hub Service username menu

  3. In the Manage Users page, click Add User.

    Manage portal users page with add user button

  4. In the Add User page, fill in the account information and select the roles to assign to the new user.
  5. Select the Select if you want to allow us... check box to send an email to the user you created. The email is sent from The email will contain a link to your DHS portal where the user can set their password.
    Password Requirements
    • At least eight characters.
    • At least one upper-case letter.
    • At least one lower-case letter.
    • At least one number.
    • At least one special character (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, ?).
    Important: The link to set the password will expire within 10 minutes of receiving the email.

    If the link to set the portal user's password expires, the SEC-ADMIN must reset the password for the portal user (Reset a Password - Portal User Account). MarkLogic recommends the portal user changes the password after their first log in (Change My Password - Portal User Account).

    Important: The SEC-ADMIN must reset the portal user's password if the following occurs:
    • The SEC-ADMIN does not select the Select if you want to allow us... check box.
    • The portal user does not click the emailed link within 10 minutes.

    See Reset a Password - Portal User Account.

  6. Click Add.


The created portal user account is displayed in the Manage Users page.
Manage Users page with list of portal user accounts

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