Data Hub Service Network Status

The status of your Data Hub Service (DHS) network can be any of the following:

For network status codes in previous versions of MarkLogic Data Hub Service, see Appendix: Data Hub Service Network Status.

Status Code Description
REQUESTED_NETWORK_PROVISIONINGA request is made to create a network.
VPC_CREATEDNetwork VPC (virtual network) is created.
NETWORK_PEERINGNetwork is in the process of peering.
NETWORK_CREATEDNetwork is created and ready to host services.
NETWORK_FAILEDNetwork creation or peering failed.
NETWORK_PEERING_DELETINGNetwork peering connection is in the process of deleting.
NETWORK_DELETINGNetwork is in the process of deleting.
NETWORK_DELETEDNetwork is deleted.
DELETE_FAILEDNetwork deletion failed.

Additional Status Codes: