Access Public Endpoints

Before you begin

You need:

Peered Track

Public Track

About this task

In this task, you will access public endpoints in your service.
Important: You must create one or more service users in your service before you can access endpoints.
Important: For this task, you need the SERV-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. Navigate to your DHS to access the endpoints.
    • In the Service column, click the service name.

    Public Low Priority MarkLogic Data Hub Service

    Tip: You can customize your dashboard with column sorting, column configuring, and services searching and filtering. See Customize DHS Dashboard.
  3. In the Data Hub Service page, click Action to open the drop-down menu.

    Data Hub Service action button Low Priority service

  4. In the Action drop-down menu, click Copy Endpoints to copy the endpoints to your clipboard.
    Tip: Paste the endpoints to a blank text file for later use.

    Data Hub Service action button Low Priority service

  5. Access your endpoints in a command-line window or a web browser.
    • Open a command-line window, and go to your local machine.

      Using the -u (or --user) user:password option, you must specify the username and password of your service user to authenticate against the DHS endpoints.



      For additional details about the MarkLogic REST API, see REST Application Developer's Guide.

    • In a web browser, navigate to one of the endpoint URLs. Example: https://HOSTNAME:PORT-NUMBER