Backup Policy

MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides the following backup and retention policies:

Database Backup Policy

MarkLogic Data Hub Service performs two types of backups: full and incremental. These backups are performed by default on all services.

Full Backup backs up the following databases on a weekly basis: data-hub-JOBS (Saturday 5:20am UTC), data-hub-MODULES (Saturday 5:25am UTC), data-hub-FINAL (Saturday 5:30am UTC), and data-hub-STAGING (Saturday 1:30pm UTC).

Incremental Backup backs up the following databases on a daily basis: data-hub-JOBS (4:15am UTC), data-hub-MODULES (4:30am UTC), data-hub-FINAL (4:45am UTC), and data-hub-STAGING (5:00am UTC).

Note: Data Hub Service follows a unified UTC time instead of its local time zone. The backup start time is designed to avoid daylight saving time in all US time zones.

Both types of backup:

  • Back up Security, Schemas, and Triggers databases
  • Do not include replicas
  • Do not archive journals
Backup Backup Period Database Start Time Backup Security/Schemas/Triggers Database Include Replicas Journal Archiving
Full Backup Weekly
  • data-hub-JOBS
  • data-hub-MODULES
  • data-hub-FINAL
  • data-hub-STAGING
  • Saturday 5:20am UTC
  • Saturday 5:25am UTC
  • Saturday 5:30am UTC
  • Saturday 1:30pm UTC
true false false
Incremental Backup Daily
  • data-hub-JOBS
  • data-hub-MODULES
  • data-hub-FINAL
  • data-hub-STAGING
  • 4:15am UTC
  • 4:30am UTC
  • 4:45am UTC
  • 5:00am UTC
true false false

Database Backup Retention Policy

  • Full backups are retained for four weeks.
  • Incremental backups are retained for seven days.

Log Retention Policy

Logs are archived until the service is terminated. For details about accessing app server logs, see App Server Logs. When a service is terminated, logs can be retained by selecting the Retain Archive Storage check box at the time of termination. For details about retaining logs at the time of termination, see Terminate a Data Hub Service.

Important: You must contact Support to restore your terminated service.