Event Log Status

The status of your Data Hub Service (DHS) event log can be any of the following:

Status Code Description
REGISTERDHS portal is registered.
PORTAL_LOGINA portal user logged in.
CONFIGURE_NETWORKA DHS network was configured.
DELETE_NETWORKA DHS network was deleted.
ADD_USERA portal user account was created.
DISABLE_USERA portal user account was disabled. The portal user account is inactive.
ENABLE_USERA portal user account was enabled. The portal user account is active.
PASSWORD_RESETA portal user account password was reset.
GRANT_ROLEA role was assigned to a portal user account.
REVOKE_ROLEA role was revoked from a portal user account.
CREATE_DSA DHS was created.
START_DSA DHS was started.
STOP_DSA DHS was stopped.
TERMINATE_DSA DHS was deleted.
MODIFY_CAPACITYThe capacity of a DHS was modified.
ADD_SERVICE_ADMINA service admin was added to a DHS.
REMOVE_SERVICE_ADMINA service admin was removed from a DHS.
ADD_SERVICE_USERA DHS user account was created.
UPDATE_SERVICE_USERA DHS user account was edited.
DELETE_SERVICE_USERA DHS user account was deleted.
PASSWORD_RECOVERY_REQUESTA password recovery was requested.
PASSWORD_RECOVERYA password was recovered.
PASSWORD_CHANGEA password was changed.

Additional Status Codes: