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In this task, you will subscribe to MarkLogic Data Hub Service (DHS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. After you subscribe to DHS, you will be redirected to the DHS login page where you will create your company DHS account and first portal user account. The first portal user account is assigned all portal roles and can be used to manage additional portal user accounts.
Important: To create a DHS account, you must first be redirected from AWS Marketplace to the DHS login page.
Note: If you have already created a DHS account and would like to create additional portal user accounts, see Create a Portal User Account.


  1. Go to Amazon Marketplace, and click Continue to Subscribe.

    MarkLogic Cloud Service on AWS Marketplace

  2. On the next page, click Subscribe.

    MarkLogic Cloud Service on AWS Marketplace - click subscribe button

    Important: If the Subscribe button is disabled, click click here in the Having issues signing up for the product? box. This link will redirect you to the DHS login page. For details, see Troubleshooting - AWS.
    You will be redirected to the DHS login page for AWS.
  3. On the DHS login page, click Create a New Account. Or log into your existing account if you already created your portal account for this subscription.

    MarkLogic Data Hub Service login page

  4. In the Create Account page, supply the fields with the following information:
    Important: The information you provide in this form creates the first portal user account. By default, the first account is automatically assigned all portal roles. After you subscribe to DHS on AWS, you can create additional portal users with their own credentials and privileges. See Portal Roles and Create a Portal User Account.
    Tip: MarkLogic recommends you sign up for DHS using an email alias. This ensures your organization always has access to your first portal user account.

    MarkLogic Data Hub Service Create Account page

    Field Description
    First Name The first name of the portal user.
    Last Name The last name of the portal user.
    Username The username of the portal user.
    Email The email address of the portal user.
    Password The custom password of the portal user.
    Password Requirements
    • At least eight characters.
    • At least one upper-case letter.
    • At least one lower-case letter.
    • At least one number.
    • At least one special character (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, ?).
    Re-enter Password Re-enter your password.
    Company The company the portal user is from.
    Country The country in which the portal user resides.
    1. Select the I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy check box.
    2. Click Sign Up.


The MarkLogic Data Hub Service dashboard is displayed.
Data Hub Service dashboard

Going forward, you can navigate to the Data Hub Service login page at
Important: Make note of values that each task produces. Depending on your organization's security model, values might need to be shared with others in your organization.
Value How to find Required to
MarkLogic Service ID In DHS portal, go to the the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page and click on the username in the top menu. Note the value for MarkLogic Service ID. Create the Peer Role
AWS Account ID For details, see Set Up a Peered Network

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