DHS Network Resources - AWS

The following table provides a list of resources required for DHS network configuration.

Field Description
Name Name for the network.
Region The region where your preconfigured network is located. Default: us-west-2. See Supported Regions - AWS.
Important: Your client-side VPC and peered DHS network must be configured in the same region.
Network CIDR (Optional) The CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) block for your DHS network. If you specify a custom network CIDR, the block size must be between a /16 netmask and /22 netmask. Otherwise, we will allocate a CIDR range for your DHS network.
Tip: Specify a larger CIDR block to host more services in your DHS network.

Example: For, the public subnet CIDR values are,, and and the private subnet CIDR values are,, and

Select if you want to set up VPC peering Select to set up VPC peering and create peered endpoints.
VPC ID Your client-side VPC's identifier (vpc-*).
Important: The VPC ID must include the vpc- prefix.

To find your VPC ID in AWS CloudFormation Console, navigate to the AWS CloudFormation Console.

  1. Select the stack created when you set up a client-side VPC.
  2. Select the Resources tab.

To find all of your VPC IDs in AWS, navigate to AWS.

  1. From the top menu, navigate to Services > VPC.
  2. In the Resources by Region page, click VPCs.

Example: vpc-0f23c32843d97f2fb

VPC CIDR Range of IPv4 addresses used to set up your client-side VPC. Primary CIDR block for your VPC. Example:
Important: The CIDR range is used internally. If your VPC CIDR is in the range, your block size must be between a /20 netmask and /28 netmask. The maximum number of IP addresses including all subnets in this CIDR range is 4,096.
AWS Account ID See Finding Your AWS Account ID.
Peer Role ARN The unique AWS resource identifier that was generated when you created the peer role. For details, see AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Example: arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/MLAAS-PeerRole-peerRole-PUE2MD0KEMI2
User Subnet CIDRs

Public and private subnet CIDRs used to set up your client-side VPC.

One to six user subnet CIDRs. If you are running your client or application servers across three AWS zones, you must provide all of the subnet CIDRs. If your service is running within a single zone, enter one CIDR. Example:,,,,,