Appendix: Data Hub Service Status

This appendix is a reference guide for service status codes in previous versions of MarkLogic Data Hub Service.

2.9.11 and Earlier Versions

The service status codes for services running MarkLogic Data Hub Service version 2.9.11 and earlier verions.

Status Code Description
REQUEST_INITIATEDRequest initiated to create a Data Hub Service.
SERVICE_RUNNINGData Hub Service is running.
SERVICE_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to create.
SERVICE_STOPPINGData Hub Service is in the process of stopping.
SERVICE_STOPPEDData Hub Service is stopped.
SERVICE_STARTINGData Hub Service was previously stopped, and it is in the process of starting.
SERVICE_DELETINGData Hub Service is in the process of deleting.
SERVICE_DELETEDData Hub Service is deleted.
DELETE_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to delete.