Resume a Data Hub Service

Before you begin

You need:

Peered Track

Public Track

About this task

In this task, you will resume your stopped Data Hub Service (DHS).
Important: For this task, you need the SERV-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. Navigate to your stopped DHS to resume.
    • In the Service column, click the service name.

    Private production MarkLogic DHS stopped

    Tip: You can customize your dashboard with column sorting, column configuring, and services searching and filtering. See Customize DHS Dashboard.
  3. In the Data Hub Service page, click Resume.
    Note: When the DHS is stopped, the Stop button becomes the Resume button.

    Private production DHS stopped details

  4. In the Please Confirm modal window, click Yes.


The details of your configuration are displayed, including the status of the service and the endpoints. The status of the service must be SERVICE_RUNNING.

Private Standard MarkLogic Data Hub Service

To see the MarkLogic Data Hub Service details, click the service name.

Private Standard Data Hub Service details

What to do next