Data Hub Service Status

The status of your Data Hub Service (DHS) can be any of the following:

For service status codes in previous versions of MarkLogic Data Hub Service, see Appendix: Data Hub Service Status.

Status Code Description
REQUESTED_SERVICE_PROVISIONINGRequest initiated to provision a Data Hub Service.
PREPARING_INFRASTRUCTUREPreparing computational resources such as virtual machines and storage.
CONFIGURING_CLUSTERConfiguring the MarkLogic cluster.
INSTALLING_COMPONENTSInstalling components that run on top of the MarkLogic cluster such as Data Hub.
PREPARING_ELASTIC_RESOURCEPreparing elastic resources.
SERVICE_RUNNINGData Hub Service is running.
SERVICE_CREATE_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to create.
SERVICE_STOPPINGData Hub Service is in the process of stopping.
SERVICE_STOPPEDData Hub Service is stopped.
SERVICE_STOPPED_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to stop.
SERVICE_STARTINGData Hub Service was previously stopped, and it is in the process of starting.
SERVICE_START_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to start.
SERVICE_DELETINGData Hub Service is in the process of deleting.
SERVICE_DELETEDData Hub Service is deleted.
SERVICE_DELETE_FAILEDData Hub Service failed to delete.

Additional Status Codes: