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About this task

This task accesses the billing details for your Data Hub Service (DHS) portal. The billing details page provides a detailed breakdown of services, the individual charges associated with each service, and the subtotal of these charges.
Important: For this task, you need the ACCT-ADMIN portal role. See Portal Roles.


  1. Go to the MarkLogic Data Hub Service home page.
  2. In the top menu, click the username to open the drop-down menu.
    • In the drop-down menu, click Billing.

    Data Hub Service username menu

  3. In the Billing Summary page, click Show Details.

    Data Hub Service billing summary

    Note: In your bill from AWS for your AWS Marketplace charges, you will be billed in the us-east-1 region regardless of the regions in which you create services.
  4. In the Billing Details page, select the time period you want to view from the menu. Also, you can filter services displayed on the current page by service name, region, or "in use" status (yes or no).

    Data Hub Service billing details show billing summary

    Note: In the Billing Details page, the billing summary is visible on the left-hand side.
    Column Description
    Service Name Name of your Data Hub Service.
    Region Region where you created your service.
    Date The month, day of the month, and year the service is accumulating costs. Example: Oct 4, 2019
    Hour The hour the service is accumulating costs. Displayed in increments of one hour. Example: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
    In Use The running state for that date and hour. The value is yes or no. If the value is yes, the service is running (SERVICE_RUNNING). If the value is no, the service is not running (SERVICE_STOPPED).
    Important: A scenario can occur where In Use is Yes and Status is SERVICE_STOPPED. This means the service was not stopped on the hour. For example, the service was running from 8:00 AM-9:00 AM and the service was stopped at 8:15 AM. The service was in use for a portion of that hour, but the service was stopped during that hour.
    Status The status of your service when charge is calculated for a time window. To view service status codes, see DHS Status.
    MCU Baseline level of MarkLogic Capacity Units (MCUs).
    Working Storage Volumes of your service.
    Archive Storage Backups and logs of your service.
    Data Transfer Data transfer for VPC peering connections in the same AWS region.
    Compute Cost The cost of MCU.
    Storage Cost The cost of Working Storage and Archive Storage.
    Data Transfer Cost The cost of Data Transfer.
    Subtotal The sum of Compute Cost, Storage Cost, and Data Transfer Cost.
    Note: For more information about billing, see Pricing.
    • (Optional) To collapse the left-hand billing summary, click Hide Summary.
      • Result:

    Data Hub Service billing details hide billing summary

  5. (Optional) To refresh Billing Details to display recent billing information, click the refresh icon ().
  6. (Optional) To export billing details as a CSV file, click Export
    Important: In the CSV file, Working Storage and Archive Storage are measured in bytes (B).
  7. (Optional) To return to the Billing Summary page,
    • Click Hide Details if the left-hand billing summary is expanded.

    Data Hub Service billing details show billing summary

    • Click Show Summary if the left-hand billing summary is collapsed.

    Data Hub Service billing details hide billing summary