MarkLogic Data Hub 5.8 - Release Notes

Data Hub 5.8.0

Data Hub 5.8.0 includes the following new features and changes:

Note: To learn more about 5.8.0 up to the latest 5.8.x release, see the GitHub Release Notes.

Version Compatibility

Supported MarkLogic Server Versions

In this release, the minimum support MarkLogic Sever 10.x version is now 10.0-7.0.

See Version Compatibility.

Hub Central

Curating Enhancements

We added matching/merging customization functionality and the option to merge/unmerge records.

Exploring Enhancements

In this release, we introduce a new Hub Central feature, Concepts, which allows the user to organize and group entities together based on similar characteristics. See About Concepts and Create Concepts

Users can view relationships between entity instances, as well as relationships between entity instances and semantic concepts. Users can toggle the functionality to view concepts within the Explore screen.

Users can assign colors and icons to entity types and concepts, and view the details (all properties, provenance view) of a specific record. Users can export an image of the graph view as a JPG file.

Retain State - Multiple Areas

The user interface now preserves the state in which the user left when they return to a tile. The enhancement includes three impacts: Curate Tile, Explore Tile, and Monitor Tile.

Custom Database Naming

Users can customize database names.

Release Notes for Earlier Versions