Service Roles

The Data Hub Service (DHS) roles allow developers and users to perform tasks in a service.

Role Name Role Description
  • data-hub-security-admin
  • Permits an assigned user:
    • To map service roles to LDAP roles.
  • To view the role description, see MarkLogic Data Hub Users and Roles.
  • data-hub-admin
  • data-hub-developer
  • data-hub-operator
  • data-hub-monitor
  • pii-reader
Important: The data-hub-developer and data-hub-operator service roles have additional descriptions in Data Hub Explorer. See Data Hub Explorer Security.
  • data-hub-explorer-architect
  • ODBC User (odbcUser)
  • Permits an assigned user:
    • To use an ODBC client to access the ODBC endpoint.
Note: User accounts are not automatically assigned these roles. Admins must assign service roles to user accounts. See Portal Roles.