Hub Central On-Premises

Hub Central is the Data Hub graphical user interface designed for use in Data Hub Service (DHS) and an on-premises or local environment.

Older tools, like QuickStart, require you to create a flow before you can create a step. In contrast, Hub Central allows you to create steps first.

If you intend to use Hub Central with existing artifacts:
  • If you have existing Data Hub 5.0–5.2 models, flows, and steps that you intend to use in Hub Central in DHS/an on-premises or local environment, you must convert them to the Hub Central format. After the conversion, QuickStart will no longer recognize those files.

    Learn more: Convert from QuickStart to Hub Central

  • If you have existing Data Hub 4.x flows,
    1. Migrate 4x flows to 5.x steps.
    2. Add them to new 5.x flows.
    3. (Optional) If you intend to use Hub Central, convert your artifacts to the Hub Central format. If you do not plan to use Hub Central, the conversion is not required.
Note: You need specific roles to access various functionalities in Hub Central. Learn more: Users and Roles
Note: To begin using Hub Central in an on-premises environment, see Create Project and Access Hub Central