Configure a Custom Step Using QuickStart

Before you begin

You need:

About this task

A custom step allows you to add your own custom functionality anywhere in the flow sequence.


  1. Navigate to the settings of the flow you want.

    QuickStart Flows - Manage Flows table - Click flow name

    1. In QuickStart's navigation bar, click Flows.
    2. In the Manage Flows table, search for the row containing the flow.
      Tip: To make your search easier, you can sort the table by one of the columns.
    3. Click the flow's name.
  2. In the flow sequence, click the summary box of the custom step to configure.

    The step detail panel is displayed below the flow sequence panel.
  3. In Custom Module URI, enter the path to your custom module.

    QuickStart Step - Custom Step details

  4. Configure the remaining fields.
    If the custom step type is ... Configure the fields as described in ...
    IngestionConfigure Ingestion Step Using QuickStart

What to do next

Modify your custom step module.