Loading with Hub Central


A typical Data Hub data flow involves the following operations:
  1. Load/Ingest your raw data into MarkLogic Server.
  2. Create an entity model to standardize your data fields.
  3. Map the fields in your raw data to the fields of the entity model.
  4. (Optional) Match and merge duplicates.


You must be assigned the following security roles:

  • To view, create, edit, or delete a step: Hub Central Developer or Hub Central Curator
  • To add a step to a flow: Hub Central Developer or Hub Central Curator
  • To run a step: Hub Central Operator or Hub Central Curator

Or any role that inherits the required role. See Users and Roles.

Loading Process

To load data,

  1. Create a loading step.
  2. Add the step to a flow and run individually or as part of the flow.

Managing Loading Steps

To edit a loading step, see Edit Loading Step.

To remove a step from a flow, see Manage Steps in Flow.

To delete a loading step,

  1. Go to the Load area of Hub Central.
    Learn how.
    1. Go to your Hub Central endpoint.
    2. In the icon bar, click the Load icon ().
      Hub Central - icon bar - Load

  2. Click the trash icon () for the step to delete.

    Hub Central - Loading step - grid view - trash icon

    Hub Central - Loading step - table view - trash icon