Public and Private Data Hub Interfaces


Data Hub differentiates between public and private interfaces, which are handled differently depending on the product release.

Interface Type Major Releases (x.0.0) Minor Releases (x.x.0) Bug Fix Releases (x.x.x)
Public Functionality might change. Previously available functionality is preserved; new functionality might be added. Functionality might change, only if required to fix a bug or to close a security hole.
Private Functionality might change.

Public Interfaces

If public interfaces are modified in a minor release, applications that use them will continue to work without requiring changes. Previously available functionality will not be modified or removed, except to fix bugs or to close security holes; however, new functionality might be added.

Public Interface Description
Data Hub properties Properties that comprise the specific configuration of the Data Hub instance.
Artifact files JSON files that contain the configurations of Data Hub artifacts, such as flow and step configuration structures, flow and step instances, entity models, and mappings.
APIs used in generated custom step modules The Data Hub library functions that are used in the step module file generated by the Gradle tasks hubCreateStepDefinition or hubCreateStep.
Gradle tasks Gradle tasks that can be triggered from the command line to perform the same functionality as the graphical user interfaces (Hub Central and QuickStart).
Note: Some Gradle tasks might not be documented but are listed when you invoke Gradle with the task option. These undocumented tasks are also considered public interfaces.
REST extensions and search options Data Hub REST extensions, as well as the default search option files associated with entity models.
Data Hub Client JAR A command-line tool that runs a flow in a production environment without dependence on Gradle or project files.
APIs used in Java examples The APIs used in the example in Run a Flow Using the Data Hub Java API, as well as examples available in GitHub.
Note: The rest of the Data Hub Java API is considered private and, therefore, subject to change.
Hub Central and QuickStart Data Hub's graphical user interfaces.

Private Interfaces

Some private interfaces are documented and exposed in GitHub. However, these interfaces might change between releases without warning. Use at your own risk.

Tip: Whenever you upgrade your Data Hub version, be sure to perform extensive tests of custom apps and modules that use private interfaces.
Private Interface Description
Data Hub Java API APIs that can be used in custom code to interact with Data Hub. Exceptions are listed under Public Interfaces.
Data in the JOBS database Job, batch, and provenance documents.