Hub Central On-Premises

Hub Central is the Data Hub graphical user interface designed for use in Data Hub Service (DHS) and an on-premises or local environment.

Older tools, like QuickStart, require you to create a flow before you can create a step. In contrast, Hub Central allows you to create steps first.

If you intend to use Hub Central with existing artifacts:
  • If you have existing Data Hub 5.0–5.2 models, flows, and steps that you intend to use in Hub Central in DHS/an on-premises or local environment, you must convert them to the Hub Central format. After the conversion, QuickStart will no longer recognize those files.

    Learn more: Convert from QuickStart to Hub Central

  • If you have existing Data Hub 4.x flows,
    1. Migrate 4x flows to 5.x steps.
    2. Add them to new 5.x flows.
Note: You need specific roles to access various functionalities in Hub Central. Learn more: Users and Roles
Note: To begin using Hub Central in an on-premises environment, see Create Project and Access Hub Central