Edit Flow Settings Using QuickStart

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About this task

Editing a flow involves the following tasks:
  1. Editing the flow settings.
  2. Managing the steps in the flow:
    • Creating steps in your flow.
    • Editing steps in your flow.
    • Removing steps from your flow.
    • Rearranging the steps in your flow.

This topic covers the first task. The Manage Steps in Flows topic covers the second.


QuickStart Flows - Edit Settings - basic

  1. In QuickStart's navigation bar, click Flows.
  2. In the Manage Flows table, search for the row containing the flow.
    Tip: To make your search easier, you can sort the table by one of the columns.
  3. In the flow's row, in the Actions column, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮).
  4. Choose Edit Settings from the dropdown.
  5. Edit the flow settings.

    Expand the Advanced Settings section for additional fields.

    Name Description
    Flow Name The human-friendly name of the flow.
    Description (Optional) A description of the flow.
    Batch Size (Advanced Settings) The number of documents to process per batch. A smaller batch size provides finer granularity in the jobs reporting. However, a smaller batch file also costs more because of the processing overhead. Must be 1 or more. The default is 100.
    Thread Count (Advanced Settings) The number of threads to use when running a flow.
    Options (Advanced Settings) Key-value pairs to pass as parameters to custom modules in every step in the flow.
    • Click to add more key-value pairs.
    • Click next to a key-value pair to delete it.
  6. Click Save.