Running Steps with Hub Central


A typical Data Hub data flow involves the following operations:
  1. Load/Ingest your raw data into MarkLogic Server.
  2. Create an entity model to standardize your data fields.
  3. Map the fields in your raw data to the fields of the entity model.
  4. (Optional) Match and merge duplicates.


You must be assigned the following security roles:

  • To add a step to a flow: Hub Central Developer or Hub Central Curator
  • To run a step: Hub Central Operator or Hub Central Curator

Or any role that inherits the required role. See Users and Roles.

Managing Flows and Running Steps

Note: Unlike QuickStart, this version of Hub Central does not run complete flows. You must run each step individually.

Changes are made to the databases when the steps are run. After creating and configuring your steps, you must add them to a flow and run them.

  • You can add the steps to a new flow or an existing one.
  • You can add the steps to a flow in the same area where you created the step (Load or Curate) or in the Run area.

To create, edit, or delete flows, see Manage Flows Using Hub Central.

To edit steps in a flow, see Manage and Run Steps in the Flow Using Hub Central.