Set Provenance Granularity Manually

Data Hub provides three levels of granularity for provenance information: coarse (default), fine, and off.

See Provenance Granularity.

About this task

This task adds the provenance granularity setting to the flow configuration file. If you want the default document-level provenance information only, no action is required.


  1. Edit the flow configuration file.
  2. Locate the mapping, matching, merging, mastering, or custom step for which you want more granular provenance tracking.

    You can also add the setting to the flow settings once to apply to all mapping, matching, merging, mastering, and custom steps in the flow. However, the value in the step settings, if specified, overrides the value in the flow settings for that step.

  3. Under the options node, set provenanceGranularityLevel to coarse, fine, or off.
    Example: "provenanceGranularityLevel" : "fine"
  4. Save.

What to do next

If the step is a custom step, you can also specify the set of property-level provenance information that is tracked. See Provenance in a Custom Step.