Edit an Entity Type Using Hub Central


If an entity type has already been used to map or match and merge data, then modifying or deleting it might trigger a reindexing of all your curated data and might affect the results of mapping and mastering processes that are occurring concurrently.

MarkLogic recommends scheduling a time to modify or delete used entity types when the impact would be minimal.

Before you begin

You need:

  • Security role: Hub Central Modeler or any role that inherits it. Learn more: Users and Roles


  1. Go to the Model area of Hub Central.
    Learn how.
    1. Go to your Hub Central endpoint.
    2. In the icon bar, click the Model icon ().
      Hub Central - icon bar - Model

  2. To edit the description of an existing entity type, click the name of the entity type.

    Hub Central - Click the name of entity type

  3. Manage the properties of the entity type.
  4. Click the Save icon () for the entity type.