Create an Entity Type Using Hub Central

You must create an entity type before you can define the mappings between your source data and the publicly accessible data.

Before you begin

You need:

  • Security role: Hub Central Modeler or any role that inherits it. Learn more: Users and Roles


  1. Go to the Model area of Hub Central.
    Learn how.
    1. Go to your Hub Central endpoint.
    2. In the icon bar, click the Model icon ().
      Hub Central - icon bar - Model

  2. Click Add.

    Hub Central - Add new entity

  3. In the Add Entity Type dialog, enter the entity's name and description, and click Add.

    Hub Central - Add Entity Type

    Note: The names of entity types and entity properties must start with an alphabetic character and can contain only alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores.
  4. Manage the properties of the entity type.
  5. Click the Save icon () for the entity type.