Data Hub Gradle Plugin

Gradle is a third-party tool that automates build tasks outside a GUI.

MarkLogic provides a Gradle plugin (ml-gradle) that automates many of the tasks required to manage a MarkLogic server, including deploying the Data Hub application and other artifacts, populating the databases with raw data, or processing the data in the databases.

You can also use the Data Hub Gradle Plugin to test flows and to verify results in a continuous integration environment. However, to run a flow using Gradle, you must be in the directory that contains your project files.

The Data Hub Gradle Plugin (ml-data-hub) extends ml-gradle with Data Hub-specific tasks and uses it to deploy MarkLogic server resources (e.g., databases, users, roles, app servers), which ml-gradle deploys according to the configurations in the following Data Hub directories:
  • hub-internal-config (your-project-root/src/main/hub-internal-config)
  • ml-config (your-project-root/src/main/ml-config)

See ml-gradle Common Tasks or ml-gradle Task Reference for the default (non-Data Hub) behavior of ml-gradle tasks.

Tip: You can view the complete list of available Gradle tasks and their descriptions by running gradle tasks.