Run a Flow Using the Data Hub Client JAR

To avoid depending on Gradle and project files, especially in production environments, Data Hub provides a client JAR that depends on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) only.

Before you begin

You need:


  1. Download the Data Hub client JAR (marklogic-data-hub-5.2.1-client.jar) to a local directory.
  2. Run the JAR with the runFlow command.
    java -jar marklogic-data-hub-5.2.1-client.jar runFlow -host localhost -username yourusername -password yourpasswordornothing -flowName YourFlowName -steps 2,3 -PanyDataHubProperty=newPropertyValue
    (Required) The MarkLogic Server host.
    (Required) The username for a security account assigned to a role with permissions to run flows, e.g., flow-operator-role. See Users and Roles.
    (Required) The password for the specified security account. For better security, do not specify a value after the parameter, so that you will be prompted for your password.
    (Required) The name of the flow to run.
    Used for partial runs. A comma-separated list of step numbers to run.
    Overrides any of the Data Hub properties found in See Gradle Properties. Example: -PmlStagingPort=8410
    Tip: To view the complete list of possible parameters, run the JAR without parameters.
    java -jar marklogic-data-hub-5.2.1-client.jar