Data Hub Gradle Plugin

Gradle is a third-party tool that automates build tasks.

MarkLogic provides a Gradle plugin (ml-gradle) that automates many of the tasks required to manage a MarkLogic server.

The Data Hub Gradle Plugin (ml-data-hub) extends ml-gradle with Data Hub-specific tasks and uses it to deploy MarkLogic server resources (e.g., databases, users, roles, app servers), which ml-gradle deploys according to the configurations in the following Data Hub directories:
  • hub-internal-config (your-project-root/src/main/hub-internal-config)
  • ml-config (your-project-root/src/main/ml-config)

See ml-gradle Common Tasks or ml-gradle Task Reference for the default (non-Data Hub) behavior of ml-gradle tasks.

Tip: You can view the complete list of available Gradle tasks and their descriptions by running gradle tasks.