Getting Started


You can choose from multiple tools to perform each task in the Data Hub process.

The following table organizes the tasks and the available tools into tracks:

  • GUI track - You perform tasks using the QuickStart app. (Recommended)
  • Command-line track - You perform tasks using Gradle commands.
  • Programming track - You create apps to perform tasks using APIs.

You can still switch between tracks for different tasks; however, switching from the command-line track to the GUI track might be less convenient. The QuickStart app automatically performs many tasks and subtasks for you that you might have to do yourself when using Gradle.

Task GUI Track Command-Line Track Programming Track
Create Project Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Set Security Credentials Using Gradle
Create Entity

(required for mapping step)

Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Create Flow Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Edit the Flow Settings Using QuickStart Manually
Create Step Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Configure Step
Add Custom Hooks Manually
Manage Steps in a Flow Using QuickStart Manually
Run Flow Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Deploy to Data Hub Service
Redeploy Using QuickStart Using Gradle
Tip: If you need sample data to test with, you can download and unzip, which contains data files (in CSV format) of a fictional board game retailer.