Users and Roles

MarkLogic Data Hub provides the following default roles and users in your project:

Role Name Role Description Auto-Generated User When used
  • Installs, uninstalls, and upgrades MarkLogic Data Hub.
  • Creates Data Hub roles based on existing ones.
  • Assigns roles to users.
  • Manages MarkLogic Server resources and performs tasks related to databases, indexes, and configuration of the MarkLogic Server.
  • Must be assigned as part of the first deployment (i.e., bootstrapping role).
  • Does not have administrative access to the entire MarkLogic server.
data-hub-admin-user During setup
  • Creates and updates flows and modules.
  • Deploys flows, modules, and security configurations (including PII).
  • Configures the indexes and Template Driven Extraction (TDE) settings.

(Same role as in Data Hub Service.)

flow-developer During development
  • Runs flows.
  • Monitors activity in the jobs logs.

(Same role as in Data Hub Service.)

flow-operator In a production environment

You can set the user credentials in the appropriate gradle*.properties file or you can specify them at the command line when running the Gradle task. To learn how, see Set Security Credentials Using Gradle