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I cannot modify the document URI during ingestion.

If you use the REST tier through DMSDK, Gradle, or a POST request for ingestion, the document metadata (including the URI and security permissions) cannot be modified during ingestion.

  • Use MLCP to ingest.
  • Modify the metadata of the ingested record in another step (mapping or custom).

In Hub Central, I cannot view properties because the definition cannot be found for an entity type.

If an entity type definition name does not match the entity type name in $.info.title and its file name (your-entity-name.entity.json), the properties for that entity type will not display in Hub Central.

  1. Open the *.entity.json file for the entity type whose properties do not display in Hub Central. The file is located at your-project-root/entities/your-entity-name.entity.json.
    1. Edit the value of $.info.title, entity type definition name, and file name to use the same entity type name.
      Example *.entity.json file named Customer.entity.json
          "info": {
              "baseUri": "",
              "title": "Customer",
              "version": "0.0.1"
          "definitions": {
              "Customer": {
                  "primaryKey": "customerId",
                  "properties": {
                      "customerId": {
                          "datatype": "integer",
                          "sortable": true
                      "name": {
                          "collation": "",
                          "datatype": "string"
                  "required": [
  2. Open the *.step.json files for the Mapping, Matching, Merging, and Custom steps. The files are located at your-project-root/steps/step-name.step.json.
    1. Edit the value of targetEntity to use the same entity type name as the your-entity-name.entity.json file.
  3. Deploy project artifacts to your environment.