Manage Flows and Steps Using Hub Central

Before you begin

You need:

  • Security role(s):
    • To view the configuration of a flow: Hub Central Operator
    • To manage a flow and the steps in it: Hub Central Developer or Hub Central Curator
    • To run a step: Hub Central Operator or Hub Central Curator
    Or any role that inherits the required role. See Users and Roles.


  1. Go to the Run area of Hub Central.
    Learn how.
    1. Go to your Hub Central endpoint.
      Note: Disregard this step if you are working from an on-prem environment. See Step 1b.
    2. In the icon bar, click the Run icon ().
      Hub Central - icon bar - Run

  2. Manage the flows.
    • To create a new flow, click Create Flow and enter the name and description for the flow.
      Hub Central - Run - Create Flow

    • To edit a flow's basic settings, click the name of the flow in the list.
  3. Manage the steps.
    • To add a step to an existing flow, expand the Add Step drop-down menu and choose existing steps.
      Tip: You can add Loading, Mapping, Matching, and Merging steps to new or existing flows from the Load and Curate screens.