Create Concept Relationships

Before you begin

You need:

  • Security role: Hub Central Developer, Hub Central Modeler or any role that inherits it. Learn more: Users and Roles


  1. Go to the Model area of Hub Central.
    Learn how.
    1. Go to your Hub Central endpoint.
      Note: Disregard this step if you are working from an on-prem environment. See Step 1b.
    2. In the icon bar, click the Model icon ().
      Hub Central - icon bar - Model

  2. Click Add and Add new relationship.

    Hub Central - Create New Concept

  3. In the Graph View, drag the source entity type to the target entity type or a concept class.
    Important: You must click Add new relationship before attempting to form a connection between the source entity type and the target entity type. Otherwise, you will move the entity type around the Graph View instead of adding a relationship.
  4. Choose your settings in the Add a Relationship modal window. Specify the relationship next to the source entity type.

    Hub Central - Add a Relationship

  5. Click Add in the Add a Relationship modal window.

    Hub Central - Add a Relationship Window