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Scalability, Availability, and Failover Guide (PDF)

Scalability, Availability, and Failover Guide — Chapter 1

Introduction--About This Guide

This Scalability, Availability, and Failover Guide guide describes some of the features and characteristics that make MarkLogic Server scale to extremely large amounts of content. This document assumes you are familiar with the installation and administration concepts and procedures for MarkLogic Server. For details on the installation procedure (including details on installing a cluster), see the Installation Guide. For details on MarkLogic Server concepts and administration procedures, see the Administrator's Guide. For details on the overall MarkLogic Server cluster architecture and terminology, see Getting Started with Distributed Deployments.

The topics of scalability and availability are combined in this guide because they tend to overlap each other. Additionally, the topic of clustering is covered because it is the mechanism used to scale a MarkLogic Server deployment. This guide is useful to anyone interested in the scalability and high-availability features of MarkLogic Server, and it also goes into details about planning for and configuring failover.

The following chapters in this guide supplement the material in the Administrator's Guide, Application Developer's Guide, and the Installation Guide:

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