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Release Notes (PDF)

Release Notes — Chapter 1


MarkLogic 11 is a major release o10.0-9f MarkLogic Server that includes many new features. The new features are described in New Features in MarkLogic 11. The following lists some of the major features with links to where they are described:

For a description of these and many more new features, see New Features in MarkLogic 11.

If you are upgrading from MarkLogic 9 or earlier, some applications will require minor changes to run correctly on MarkLogic 11. For details, see Known Incompatibilities with Previous Releases.

Bug Fixes

To review the list of bug fixes included between any two version of MarkLogic Server, click on the Fixed Bugs link (https://help.marklogic.com/Bugtrack/List) that is available on the MarkLogic Support Portal (https://help.marklogic.com/), and enter the version range you are interested in.

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