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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Label monitoring history time spans

You can use the Label feature to capture and tag metrics for the set time span. You can store any number of labels. These labels can be used to identify events, instances, and periods of time. Labels can be added, updated or deleted at any time. Labels themselves are not stored with the raw metric data. They are only used for reporting purposes.

  1. To create a label for your current view of the Monitoring History, select New Label from the Label pull-down menu.

  2. In the Create a new label popup window, the name of the label is the time span of the currently displayed charts, by default.

  3. You can keep the default name for the label, or change it to be more descriptive. Click Save.

  4. You can edit your label names or delete labels by selecting Edit Labels from the Labels pull-down menu.

  5. In the Edit Labels popup window, you can either edit the label name or delete the label. To delete a label, hover over the label and a click on the garbage can icon to the right. When finished editing, click Close.


    If you edit a label and, before closing the Edit Labels window, decide not to save your edits, press the Esc key to terminate the edits and keep the original labels.

  6. You can view all of the labels that have data within the currently selected timespan by clicking on the triangle to the right of the Labels section at the top of the Monitoring History page to expand the Labels chart.

  7. Each label appears as a timeline. Hover over a timeline to display the label name. Click on a timeline to update the view to the time span associated with the label. Selecting a timeline is functionally equivalent to selecting a label from the Label menu in that it updates the view with the start and end times in the Time Span panel.


    If your labeled data has been purged from the Meters database, as the result of the retention policy or some other reason, the label will remain but there will be no data associated with that label.

  8. You can click on the label icon at the top right-hand portion of the page to create a label for the currently displayed time span. Follow the same procedure as described in steps 2 and 3 to finish creating the label.

If the data for a label does not fall within the currently displayed timespan, the label will not be displayed in the Labels chart. To display the charts for such labels, select the label from the Label pull-down menu.