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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Filter monitoring history by resources

You can set filters for select resources to display only the stored performance metrics for those resources. You can filter by groups and databases. And in each group, by hosts and servers. By default, the metrics for all of the resources in the cluster are displayed.

  • Filter types that are active for the current view have headings highlighted in blue. For example, on the Overview page, all filters are active while on the Databases Detail view, only database resources are active.

  • In the filters panel, you can check or uncheck a resource to display or not display the performance metrics for that resource.

  • To focus on the resources of interest, you can collapse a category by clicking on the triangle in the right-hand section of the panel. The number of resources display the contents of the collapsed category.

  • Clicking the checkmark updates the charts with the current filter settings. It does not apply any changes that may have been made to the above TIME SPAN settings.

  • You can mouse over the resource names in the filter list to get extra information about the resources. For example, mousing over a host name shows the number of forests associated with the host and mousing over a server name shows the server type.