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Application Developer's Guide (PDF)

Application Developer's Guide

Server version Date Revision
MarkLogic 9 May, 2017 Last Revised: 9.0-13, July, 2020

This guide includes the following chapters:

  1. Developing Applications in MarkLogic Server
  2. Loading Schemas
  3. Understanding Transactions in MarkLogic Server
  4. Working With Binary Documents
  5. Importing XQuery Modules, XSLT Stylesheets, and Resolving Paths
  6. Library Services Applications
  7. Transforming XML Structures With a Recursive typeswitch Expression
  8. Document and Directory Locks
  9. Properties Documents and Directories
  10. Point-In-Time Queries
  11. System Plugin Framework
  12. Using the map Functions to Create Name-Value Maps
  13. Function Values
  14. Reusing Content With Modular Document Applications
  15. Controlling App Server Access, Output, and Errors
  16. Creating an Interpretive XQuery Rewriter to Support REST Web Services
  17. xWeb Services
  18. Template Driven Extraction (TDE)
  19. Optic API for Multi-Model Data Access
  20. Working With JSON
  21. Using Triggers to Spawn Actions
  22. Using Native Plugins
  23. Aggregate User-Defined Functions
  24. Redacting Document Content
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