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What's New in MarkLogic 11

Installation and Upgrade

This section describes the supported platforms and upgrade paths for MarkLogic Server.

Supported Platforms

For a complete list of supported platforms, see Supported Platforms in Installing MarkLogic Server.

Supported Filesystems

For a complete list of supported filesystems, see Supported Filesystems in Installing MarkLogic Server.

Upgrade Support

This section describes upgrade support to MarkLogic 11. For details on installing MarkLogic Server and for the upgrade procedure, see Installing MarkLogic Server.


MarkLogic Early Access does not support upgrades. This section describes upgrading from 9.0-1 and later.


MarkLogic Corporation strongly recommends performing a backup of your databases before upgrading to MarkLogic 11. Additionally, MarkLogic Corporation recommends that you first upgrade to the latest maintenance release of the major version of MarkLogic you are running before upgrading to MarkLogic 11.

An upgrade from MarkLogic 9 or 10 does not require a reindex. 


If you are upgrading clusters with DB replication configured, see Upgrading Clusters Configured with Database Replication in the Database Replication Guide.

There are some known incompatibilities between MarkLogic 9 and MarkLogic 11. You might need to make some minor code changes to your MarkLogic 9 applications before they can run correctly in MarkLogic 11. For details on the incompatibilities, see Known Incompatibilities with Previous Releases. For instructions on upgrading to MarkLogic 11, including information about database compatibility between MarkLogic 9 and MarkLogic 11, see Installing MarkLogic Server.