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Installing MarkLogic Server

Supported Filesystems

MarkLogic relies on the operating system for filesystem operations. While any filesystem that works properly (including under heavy load) should work, the following table lists the operating systems along with the filesystems under which they are supported. Other filesystems may work but have not been thoroughly tested by MarkLogic.

Operating System

Supported Filesystems

Linux (all varieties)

XFS (recommended), EXT3, and EXT4 as well as the clustered filesystems for shared-disk failover mentioned in Requirements for Failed Disk Failover in the Scalability, Availability and Failover Guide.


Do not use data=writeback with EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems.

NAS is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and NetAPP.



Mac OS



Amazon S3 (no journaling with S3).


The Solaris OS is not supported.