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MarkLogic Server on Kubernetes

Configuration options for Helm

This section describes Helm configuration options.

values flag

The values flag points to a YAML file. The values in this file will override the default Helm values.

To view the default configuration variables, enter this command:

helm show values marklogic/marklogic --version <version>

To set different values with a YAML file, follow these steps:

  1. Create a values.yaml file with custom values as needed. See Helm Chart parameters for a list of parameters.

  2. After creating the values.yaml file, install MarkLogic by entering this command:

    helm install my-release marklogic/marklogic --version <version> --values values.yaml -n <release-namespace>

set flag

The set flag can be used to make one or more configuration changes directly as shown in this example:

helm install my-release marklogic/marklogic --version <version> \

--set imagePullSecret.registry="" \

--set imagePullSecret.username=YOUR_USERNAME \

--set imagePullSecret.password=YOUR_PASSWORD \ -n <release-namespace>


It is recommended to use the values.yaml file for configuring an installation.