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MarkLogic Server on Kubernetes

Retrieve the MarkLogic admin credentials

If credentials were not provided for the admin user when installing the MarkLogic Chart, a randomly generated alphanumeric value was used. This value is stored in Kubernetes Secrets.


Custom admin credentials can also be set using the auth parameter during installation.

To retrieve the randomly generated admin credentials from Kubernetes Secrets, follow these steps:

  1. List the secrets for a MarkLogic deployment by entering this command:

    kubectl get secrets -n <release-namespace>

  2. Find the appropriate secret. The secret generated by the Helm chart has the format <release-name>-admin. For example, if release-name = marklogic, the secret that contains the admin username, password, and wallet password is marklogic-admin.

  3. Retrieve the encoded credentials by entering this command:

    kubectl get secret marklogic-admin -n <release-namespace> SECRET_NAME -o jsonpath='{.data}'

  4. Use the output to decode the credentials. For example, if the encoded password is UyFCXCpkJHpEc2I9, enter this command to decode the password:

    echo 'UyFCXCpkJHpEc2I9' | base64 --decode

  5. Repeat the process described in step 4 for the username and wallet password.