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Installing MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Converters Installation Changes Starting at Release 9.0-4

MarkLogic Converters are used to convert Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as Adobe PDF files, to XHTML. MarkLogic filters are used to filter a variety of document formats, extract metadata and text from them, and return XHTML. The following MarkLogic XQuery API functions, described in the MarkLogic XQuery and XSLT Function Reference, provide this functionality:


Converters/filters are also used as part of the conversion pipeline in Content Processing Framework. For more details, see The Default Conversion Option in the Content Processing Framework Guide.

Prior to MarkLogic release 9.0-4, converters/filters were bundled and automatically installed with MarkLogic Server. Starting with MarkLogic release 9.0-4, converters/filters are offered as a separate package: MarkLogic Converters.

This change provides better flexibility and enables you to install/uninstall MarkLogic converters/filters separately from MarkLogic Server.

With this change, MarkLogic Server does not include MarkLogic Converters. To use converters/filters, install both packages: MarkLogic Server and MarkLogic Converters. An XDMP-CVTNOTFOUND error will be thrown upon an attempt to use converters/filters on a MarkLogic node with no MarkLogic Converters installed.

The version of MarkLogic Converters is synchronized with the version of MarkLogic Server. For example, MarkLogic Converters 9.0-4 corresponds to MarkLogic Server 9.0-4 and may be installed with it.

You can obtain the version of MarkLogic Converters installed on a node by calling to MarkLogic server-side API function xdmp:host-status and examining the value of the converters-version element in the response. If the converters package is not installed on a node, the converters-version element will be empty.

MarkLogic Converters packages for all supported platforms are available for download at the same location where MarkLogic Server packages are available, namely at

If you want to use the converters package with MarkLogic 9.0-4 or later, you will have to perform a two-step installation: first install MarkLogic Server and then install MarkLogic Converters.

For details on MarkLogic Server and MarkLogic Converters installation for all supported platforms, see Installing MarkLogic.

If you want to uninstall MarkLogic 9.0-4 or later, and if the converters package was previously installed with it, you will have to perform a two-step uninstall: first uninstall MarkLogic Converters and then uninstall MarkLogic Server.

For details on uninstalling MarkLogic Server and MarkLogic Converters, see Removing MarkLogic.