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Installing MarkLogic Server

Upgrades and Database Compatibility

MarkLogic 11 supports upgrades from MarkLogic 9.

During the upgrade, the Security database, the Schemas database, and the configuration files are automatically upgraded. The Security database is upgraded with the latest execute privileges and the Schemas database is upgraded with the latest version of the Schemas used by MarkLogic Server. The upgrade occurs as part of the installation procedure.

Databases that contain your own content are also upgraded; once you upgrade, you will no longer be able to use that database with previous versions of MarkLogic.


MarkLogic Corporation strongly recommends performing a backup of your databases before upgrading. Additionally, MarkLogic Corporation recommends that you first upgrade to the latest maintenance release of the major version of MarkLogic you are running before upgrading.

For the procedure for upgrading, see Upgrading from Previous Releases. For details about known incompatibilities, see What's New in MarkLogic Server 11.