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Installing MarkLogic Server

Entering a License Key

MarkLogic will run without a license key, but after installing MarkLogic, you should enter a valid license key for the usage and features for which you are licensed. At any time, you can change the license key for a host from the Host Status page.

These are some reasons that you would need to change your license key:

  • Your license key has expired.

  • You need to use some features that are not covered by your existing license key.

  • You upgraded your hardware with more CPUs and/or more cores.

  • You need a license that covers a larger database.

  • You require different languages.

Changing the license key sometimes results in an automatic restart of MarkLogic (for example, if your new license enables a new language).

To change the license key for a host, perform the following steps using the Admin Interface:

  1. Click the Hosts icon on the left tree menu.

  2. Click the name of the host for which you want to change the license key, either on the tree menu or the summary page. The Host Configuration page appears.

  3. Click the Status tab. The Host Status page appears.

  4. Click the License key button. The License Key Entry page appears.

  5. Enter your new license key information. For information about licensing MarkLogic Server, contact your MarkLogic sales representative.

  6. After entering valid information in the Licensee and License Key fields, click OK. If it needs to, MarkLogic will automatically restart, and the new license key will take effect.