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fn functions (XSLT)

The XSLT functions. These functions are available in XSLT only. They are defined in XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.0.

6 functions
Function name Description
fn.document Returns the document(s) stored in the database at the specified URI(s).
fn.formatNumber Returns a formatted string representation of value argument based on the supplied picture.
fn.functionAvailable Returns true if and only if there is an XQuery or XSLT function whose name and optionally arity matches the value of the $function-name and the optional $arity arguments.
fn.typeAvailable Returns true if and only if there is a type whose name matches the value of the $type-name argument is present in the static context.
fn.unparsedText Reads a file stored in the database as either text or binary file and returns its contents as a string.
fn.unparsedTextAvailable Returns true if a call to unparsed-text would succeed with identical arguments.