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Release Notes (PDF)

Release Notes — Chapter 5

Planning for Future Upgrades

This chapter provides guidelines and warnings for preparing for changes expected in a future release, such as announcements of deprecated interfaces. You are not required to make changes related to the topics in this section at this time, but you should plan to do so in the future.

Packaging API Deprecated

In MarkLogic 9, the Packaging API has been deprecated. It will be removed from the product in MarkLogic 10.

info and infodev APIs Deprecated

The XQuery library modules in the info and infodev namespaces are deprecated as of MarkLogic 9 and will be removed from the product in a future release. For example, the functions info:ticket and infodev:ticket-create are deprecated.

Annotated Query Output from search:parse Deprecated

The search:parse XQuery function and search.parse Server-Side JavaScript functions can return an annotated cts:query if you pass in "cts:annotated-query" as the output format parameter value. As of MarkLogic 9, use of "cts:annotated-query" is deprecated. Support for this format will be removed in a future release.

If you currently use the annotated query output as an intermediate step in a transformation, you should use the structured query ("search:query") output format instead. Runtime modification of queries is a primary use case for structured query. For more details, see Searching Using Structured Queries in the Search Developer's Guide.

If you currently use the annotated query output format to recover the original query text using search:unparse, you should cache the original query text yourself.

Search API Grammar Customization Deprecated

Customizing the string query grammar through the Search API grammar query option is now deprecated. Support for this feature will be removed in a future release.

If your application currently relies on a Search API grammar customization, you should consider alternatives such as the following:

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