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georss functions (GeoRSS)

The GeoRSS module provides support for geospatial queries using GeoRSS/Simple markup.

To use the GeoRSS module as part of your own XQuery module, include the following line in your XQuery prolog:

import module namespace georss = "http://www.georss.org/georss" at "/MarkLogic/geospatial/georss.xqy";

The library namespace prefix georss is not predefined in the server.

8 functions
Function name Description
georss:circle Create a cts:circle value from a radius and GeoRSS point element.
georss:complex-polygon Create a cts:complex-polygon value from a GeoRSS "Polygon" element.
georss:geospatial-query Returns a cts:query matching points within given regions.
georss:linestring Create a cts:linestring value from a GeoRSS line element.
georss:parse-georss Construct zero or more cts:region values from GeoRSS XML elements.
georss:point Create a cts:point value from a GeoRSS point element.
georss:polygon Create a cts:polygon value from a sequence of GeoRSS point elements or a GeoRSS polygon element.
georss:to-georss Convert cts:region values to GeoRSS XML elements.