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What's New in MarkLogic 11

What's New in MarkLogic 11


Server Version

Publication Date

MarkLogic Server 11

2024-06-27 @ 16:09

MarkLogic 11 is a major release of MarkLogic Server that includes many new features and improvements. 

Version Numbering

Beginning with version 11.0.0, MarkLogic Server is adopting the industry-standard Semantic Versioning number system. From this point forward, all public releases will use a 3-part version string, where the parts represent, respectively, MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH releases, with respect to compatibility of public APIs.

  • A release that increments only the PATCH version indicates that incorrect behaviors, what are considered "bugs", have been fixed or that security patches have been applied, but no compatibility changes are present

  • A release that increments the MINOR version indicates that additional functionality has been included, but existing public APIs remain compatible

  • A release that increments the MAJOR version indicates that additional functionality has been included and there are potentially breaking changes to one or more public APIs

Feature Highlights

For a description of these and many more new features, see New Features in MarkLogic 11.

Bug Fixes

MarkLogic 11 includes fixes for a number of existing bugs. For details, see the Release Notes.

Known Incompatibilities

When you upgrade from MarkLogic 9 or 10, some of your applications will require minor changes to run correctly on MarkLogic 11. For details, see Known Incompatibilities with Previous Releases.